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Purchase the THRIVE Curriculum Materials to train and equip a member of your organization to instruct the THRIVE Program at your location. Instructors will learn how to guide participants through the standard 13-week program format or create a custom program version tailored to fit varying needs. (The program can be run in-person or online.) The instructor materials includes a training manual, 9 digital presentation files, instructor talking points, a schedule of meetings, and more. 

Order THRIVE: A Guide to Individual and Collective Well-Being by Christie Versagli, MS from Johns Hopkins University. This 292 page workbook allows THRIVE Program participants to follow along with the curriculum, personalize the material to their unique selves, and reference back to the strategies after the program experience has concluded to support their ongoing well-being.

Invite THRIVE Institute founder, Christie Versagli, to speak to your organization about the THRIVE principles and practices for enhancing in the individual and collective well-being among members of your organization. Sessions can run from 1 - 6 hours in duration depending on the needs and preferences of your organization. 

Schedule a free consultation at a time that suits your schedule to learn more about the THRIVE Program and ways a custom THRIVE Program could be created to suit the needs and characteristics of your organization. 

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